COPE Qualification

COPE Accreditation serves the public, regulatory boards and the profession by promoting improvement in competence, performance and patient outcomes. All COPE Accredited CE is designed to reflect the educational needs of optometrists and is independent from commercial interests. Activities accredited by COPE are attended by optometrists seeking CE credit for license renewal because of the almost universal acceptance of COPE CE by optometric licensing boards. The first step in the COPE Accreditation process is submitting courses for review and COPE Qualification. In order for a COPE Qualified course to be fully COPE Accredited, a COPE Administrator must submit the pre- and post-activity data for approval by COPE.


  1. A course is submitted for COPE Qualification. The course is reviewed by a COPE Reviewer and, if it meets COPE’s requirements, is accepted as a COPE-Qualified Course.
  2. A COPE-Approved Administrator submits Pre-Activity data for COPE approval. If it meets COPE’s Accreditation Criteria and Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education it is considered an approved COPE Activity.
  3. COPE-Qualified Courses presented at an Activity/Event organized by a COPE Approved Administrator or COPE Accredited Provider are then considered COPE Accredited.
    NOTE: Following the activity, COPE Administrators must also submit Post-Activity data for COPE approval.

Should you need further information about COPE, or if you have questions about course submission, please call ARBO at (704) 970-2710 or email

If you need more information on submitting courses or activities/events to COPE, contact ARBO or view the following COPE Manuals: