COPE Course Review Fees

Standard Processing

  • $65 for the first hour of instruction for each course submitted.
  • $55 for each additional hour (each 15-minute increment counts as 1 full hour).
  • For example, the fee for a 1-hour course is $65; the fee for a 1.25 or 2-hour course is $120; the fee for a 3-hour course is $175; etc.
  • The minimum length of a course that COPE will accept is 1/4 hour (15 minutes).
  • Standard course qualification (review) time is 4-6 weeks.

Urgent Processing

  • Urgent processing may be requested for an additional fee of $115 per course.
  • Payment of the urgent processing fee will shorten the course qualification time to 10-14 days.
  • Please Note: Under no circumstances will COPE guarantee a review time of less than 10 days.