There is an annual subscription fee per optometrist per year for complete access to your OE TRACKER account. When you login to your account you will be prompted to pay the annual subscription. You will have the option to pay for one year for $25 or three years for $60. By paying the annual subscription you will be able to:

  • Receive complete access to your course history including course title, COPE ID# (if COPE-Approved), category, format, date, instructor name, provider and # of hours.
  • Track the number of hours you've earned and the hours required in the current renewal period for each jurisdiction in which you're licensed.
  • Print a CE transcript or paper certificate to use as proof of attendance.
  • Submit CE certificates using the OE TRACKER mobile app for ARBO to enter into your account.
  • Electronically submit your CE certificates through your OE TRACKER account for uploading.

If you choose not to pay the annual subscription, you will be still able to login to your account but will only be able to review the number of CE hours you have earned listed by the date of attendance. You will not be able to see the course title, COPE ID# (if COPE-Approved), category, format, instructor name or provider.

Some Licensing Boards and Optometric Associations pay the OE TRACKER annual subscription on behalf of their licensees/members as a benefit. Contact your Board or Association to see if they pay the OE TRACKER annual subscription.