Now You Can Use Your Smart Phone to Track CE Attendance

The new OE TRACKER mobile app is now available for tracking your attendance at COPE CE courses. You can download the app to your iPhone or Android phone and use it to instantly send your attendance of the courses to OE TRACKER. Not only is it easy, but the app is FREE and can be used by anyone who has an OE TRACKER number.

Mobile Phone Requirements: The recommended minimum OS for Android is 4.0.3 and iPhone is iOS 7.0. If when installing the OE TRACKER mobile app you are prompted with 'unable to download', or 'invalid software' you should update your mobile phone's operating system.

How to Download the App: Go to the App Store or iTunes on your iPhone or go to Google Play on your Android phone and search for 'OE TRACKER'. Follow the instructions to download the app.

How to Use the App: After downloading the app, enter your OE TRACKER username and password to log in. The CE Provider will post a course-specific QR code to scan at the end of each course to record your attendance.

To find out what your OE TRACKER number is or to set up a username and password, call ARBO at 704-970-2710 or 866-869-6852.

View the Detailed Instructions for using the OE TRACKER App:
Instructions for optometrists attending a CE course
Instructions for COPE CE Administrators/Providers

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