What are the costs?
There is no cost to the state boards to utilize the CELMO program. There is a $250.00 initial fee and a $100.00 renewal fee that the applicant will pay.

Who is eligible to participate in the CELMO Program?
Every licensed optometrist in practice four years or more is eligible.

Is the program voluntary?
a. To the state board? YES
b. To the licensee? YES
Program participation is voluntary on all levels.

How can the state boards use the CELMO certificate?
The state boards may choose to reduce their administrative burden involved with endorsement of licensure similar to how COPE has reduced time and work for Boards in verifying and approving continuing education courses.

How can the CELMO certificate benefit the licensee?
This program will enhance the optometrist's potential for efficient licensure mobility.

Is this a form of national optometric licensure?
No. CELMO is simply a vehicle for mobility.

Where do the CELMO fees go?
CELMO fees will go directly to ARBO to administer the program.

Why initiate a Licensure Mobility program?
To assist state optometry boards in reviewing applications for licensure from established practitioners in other jurisdictions.

Does the CELMO certificate guarantee a practitioner a license in another state?
There is no guarantee that the individual state boards will automatically grant a license by endorsement, but it will provide the Boards an additional tool to evaluate the advisability of granting a license by endorsement.

Why should any practitioner want/need/obtain a CELMO certificate?
The CELMO certificate could provide the practitioner with the potential of flexible options for relocation.

How does this relate to COPE?
As the broadly accepted national clearing house of continuing education, COPE is the foundational premise of the continuing education portion of the CELMO program.

Why is Continuing Education with Examination (CEE) required?
CEE provides the greatest assurance about the quality of education.

Why is ARBO doing this?
ARBO is the most appropriate organization to administer this program given its Mission Statement and close working relationship with individual state boards.