OE TRACKER captures and stores continuing education attendance data for optometrists. The information is retained in the secure ARBO database and can be accessed online by you and your licensing board. OE TRACKER can save you time and reduce your paperwork by tracking all your CE credits electronically.


Capture CE Attendance:Every optometrist who took the National Board Exams in the US has an OE TRACKER number that was assigned when they registered for the NBEO Exams. CE providers will often ask for your OE TRACKER number to capture your attendance of their course. If you don't know your OE TRACKER number you can look it up on ARBO’s website or go to NBEO’s website: https://www.nbeo.org/site/

Review CE Data: Attendance data is often provided to ARBO by CE providers. To view your CE credits login to OE TRACKER. If you notice any CE hours are missing and have paid your OE TRACKER subscription fee, you can upload your certificates by going to “Submit Credits into OE TRACKER from CE Certificates” on your OE TRACKER Home Page or by using the OE TRACKER mobile app. We will verify the information and add the credits to your account.

Access Course History: OE TRACKER provides uninterrupted access to your course history. You may view or print a course transcript and many licensing boards accept the signed OE TRACKER transcript as proof of attendance. You can also print out paper certificates, if required by your board.

CE Attendance Audits: Many optometric licensing boards use OE TRACKER to audit your CE attendance hours electronically, eliminating the need for you to send in paper certificates. Contact your jurisdiction's licensing board to ask if they do electronic audits with OE TRACKER.