Why Become a COPE Administrator?

Having your program accredited by COPE provides optometrists and licensing boards the assurance that the education is designed to reflect the educational needs of optometrists and is independent from commercial interests. COPE accreditation will also save you time and money since you don't have to submit the information to multiple state licensing boards.

The use of COPE numbers and the COPE symbol in your marketing materials tells the optometrists attending your program that the CE is accepted for license renewal in all participating jurisdictions.

COPE Accreditation can also be beneficial when applying for educational grants. Many of the companies that provide support ask if your program is accredited and some list COPE as an option on their applications. Contact the ARBO office to receive an accreditation letter to submit with your grant requests.

How to Become a COPE Administrator/Provider

COPE requires all CE Administrators/Providers to register to ensure compliance with the COPE Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education. There is no cost to register.

  1. Search to see if your organization is already an approved COPE Administrator.
  2. If your organization is an approved COPE Administrator, login using your username and password
  3. If your organization is an approved COPE Administrator and you don't know your login information, contact ARBO at 704-970-2710 or 866-869-6852.
  4. If your organization has not been approved yet, please click this link to complete the online registration. Once the information is reviewed, you will be sent an email with your status. You should receive a response in 3-4 business days.

Should you need further information about COPE, or if you need help entering your event, please call the ARBO office at (704) 970~2710, or email to arbo@arbo.org.If you need more information on submitting courses or events to COPE, contact ARBO or view the following COPE Handbooks:
Criteria for COPE Qualification of Continuing Education Handbook
Information for Activity Accreditation Manual